Selling on Facebook with Shopify: Why Facebook is Too Powerful to Ignore

Is selling on Facebook with Shopify a smart idea? How many people use Facebook? Why Facebook is too powerful to ignore? Read this article and discover all the details you need to know! 


Facebook and Shopify is the perfect combination for selling your products online. If you haven’t built a Shopify store yet, we highly recommend you to create one immediately.

Add your products, integrate your store with Facebook, and start selling.

A lot of people are wondering whether selling on facebook with Shopify is a smart idea? Well, it is not easy, considering the fact that you’ll have to deal with both Shopify visitors and Facebook followers, however, it is definitely worth it. You can’t ignore the power of Facebook.

How many people use Facebook?

Well, there are around 1.03 billion people log onto Facebook accounts daily. There are 1.13 billion mobile daily active users, and 1.71 billion monthly active users.

What about engagement?

According to one research, there are 8 billion daily video views, the posts that are published on Thursday and Friday receive the highest engagement, and the highest traffic occurs between 1 to 3 PM mid-week.

Every minute on Facebook, 136.000 photos are uploaded, 293.000 statuses are updates, and 510 comments are posted. A Facebook post posted at 7PM will result in more clicks than a post posted at 8PM. The Facebook users spend around 20 minutes per day on Facebook site.

What about demographics?

Over 80% of adults (age 18-29) use the Facebook platform. Around 70% of adults (age 30-49) use Facebook, around 60% of adults (age 50-64) use Facebook, and over 50% of adults (age 65+) use Facebook. 77% of adult females use the Facebook platform while 66% of adult males use the Facebook platform.

What about advertising?

More and more brands use Facebook to promote their products. 75% of brands promote their Facebook posts and 57% of Facebook advertising finances is dedicated to mobile.

Facebook is important for ecommerce. DPA or Dynamic product ads are among the highest-profile ad units from Facebook for online businesses.

If you want to engage your audience, drive more traffic to your Shopify store, accepting and using the power of Facebook is what you need to do. Sell on Facebook with Shopify and watch your online business, sales, and revenue grow!