Review Competitor Facebook Ads and Find Winning Products to Sell for Your Facebook Shop by Shopify

Finding the right products to sell for your Facebook shop by Shopify can be difficult! Here is how to review competitor Facebook ads and find winning and trending products!


With thousands of options, millions of products, and different suppliers available, how do you find products that are trending, marketable, and high-quality?

Finding the right products to sell on Shopify and on your Facebook page can be difficult, but don’t worry as we have the perfect solution for you!

The first thing you can do is spy on competitor Shopify stores. Looking at different stores in your niche can help you discover the top selling products. You can try and source them yourself.

Another thing you can do is search trending eBay products. As you know eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces and a great resource for finding popular products. Instead of visiting eBay’s website, you can head over to where you will find eBay products sorted out by those that get a lot of interest and have many potential customers watching them.

These two methods are effective and great for inspiration, however, the best method we would like to recommend you is to review competitor Facebook ads. This strategy works for any type of store. Facebook released an option that allows you to view all Facebook ads being run by a business page.

By visiting your competitor’s business page, you can see all of their active Facebook ads. Even though it doesn’t include audience engagement or insights information, it does include images and copies which are enough for you to find winning products.

In order for you to access this option, visit the Facebook page of a competitor, and select the “Info & Ads” tab located on the sidebar menu.

There you go – the most effective methods to find popular products to sell on Shopify and Facebook. Make your own research, and once you find the right products to sell, find a wholesaler to source the products for you.

Only with the right products, you will be able to run a successful Facebook shop by Shopify. You can consult with your friends and family and see what they think about your new product offering. If they approve your new products, you can start selling and watch what happens.

Good luck!

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