How to Run a Successful Facebook Shop by Shopify: Expert Facebook Marketing Tips to Follow

Read and find out how to run a successful Facebook shop by Shopify and a few expert marketing tips you can use to grow your online business!


Running a successful Facebook shop by Shopify is not easy, however, there are a few tips and tricks that can make the process easier. We’ve discussed with the top marketing experts to discover what is the best Shopify Facebook marketing strategy. Here are some of the best expert Facebook Marketing tips you should know about:


  • You need to create a killer image. The online purchasers share with their eyes.
  • One of the biggest mistakes Shopify sellers make is that their Facebook posts and ads are not linked. Lifestyle images or product images should be posted on Facebook with engaging copy and shared links. That’s a way you can drive traffic to your store.
  • There are lots of ways to create and run your Facebook ads, however, changing the methods will not get you the results you are looking for. According to experts, you should apply a structured method or develop your own approach and stick to it. Being consistent is what give results.
  • If you want to run a successful Facebook shop by Shopify you need to remember that frequency, relevancy, and engagement are the keys. If you are out of site, you will be out of mind. It is important to be relevant to your people and customers and give them something they will want to share with their friends such as photo, great video, unique content, and etc. And don’t forget – measure your results with Analytics.
  • Create a community that is relevant and matters to your brand. There are lots of great Facebook groups you can be a part of. Research a bit and discover the best groups that can help overcome issues, offer professional advice, and help you run a successful online store.
  • Know your audience. Online success on Facebook comes down to knowing and understanding your audience. Without an expert knowledge of your audience, you will probably lose to someone else that does understand them.
  • An average shopper will visit your website 3-5 times before making a purchase. Use remarketing ads for a specific item they viewed and encourage this shopper to complete the transaction. Don’t forget to add customer reviews as an ad text.


Ready to sell? Have fun!

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