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How to Sell on Facebook Using Shopify: 9 Free Apps & Tools to Boost Sales

The Shopify App Store is a helpful resource if you are looking for a solution to boost sales! Wondering how to sell on Facebook using Shopify App Store? Here are the best free apps and tools you can use!

Shopify makes it super easy for you to sell online! By integrating your Shopify store with Facebook, you can now sell all of your products directly on Facebook.

Your Facebook visitors can browse through your product collections and complete the transaction without leaving the Facebook page.

The Shopify Store is a helpful resource if you are looking for a solution to boost both your Shopify and Facebook sales.

You might find it a little bit difficult to navigate the Shopify and your Facebook store and find the perfect app that can help you run your online business and boost your sales at the same time.

We are here to help you out by presenting you the best free apps and tools to boost your sales and maximize your revenue:

1. KIT:

If you are looking for a way to run your Shopify store better, this is the best app for you. Working as a virtual assistant, this app can automatically recommend the marketing activities and social media strategies that are most likely to boost your sales. This app helps you manage your Facebook ads, social posts, email marketing, and much more.
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Personalized Recommendation

2. Sales Pop:

This is one of the most trending apps and you should definitely try it. By displaying dynamically notifications that show what products the customers have recently bought, this app creates credibility and boost up the conversion rate for your online store.
Auto Currency Switcher

3. Mobile Converter:

Wondering how to boost mobile conversions and revenue? This is the perfect app for you. By making the product pages more clear, easier to navigate, you will be able to boost conversions and revenue from your mobile customers. This is a free app but highly effective.
Mobile Converter

4. Auto Currency Switcher:

If you are running an international store, we assume you want the visitors to be able to see the price in the local currency. This will save your foreign shoppers a lot of time and nerves. The customer can also change the currency and the checkout will remain in the same currency. This app can help you increase international sales!
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5. Personalized Recommendation:

This app comes with 5 types of widgets and allows you to set up appropriate types of recommendation on different pages. By analyzing the preferences and needs of every visitor to your store and Facebook page, the app will show the most relevant product recommendations across your website and create a more inspiring and personal shopping experience.
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6. Bulk Image Edit:

If you want to save time and nerves to edit your photos, this is the perfect app for you. Image optimization is a great app for any online business selling on Facebook using Shopify. This app can help you edit Alt text and optimize the sizes. It can save you time and help you boost up your SEO ranking. You can increase your website rank in Google and generate more visitors.


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7. Better Coupon Box:

This is a great app if you want to build your email list and maximize your sales. Better Coupon Box can help you offer a discount in exchange for a new Facebook follower. The discount can help encourage a purchase which converts customers who are on your site to browse. The collected emails can be used to build a targeted sales funnel.
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8. Custom Options:

If you want to create unlimited product options, we have the perfect app for you. You can give your customers and buyers more product choices and grow the chance of selling successfully. The app can help you add unlimited personalizations to the products you sell and create unlimited product options for all of your customers to choose from.
Spending $0 and get a quick boost in sales is the right thing to do right now! Install these apps and watch your Shopify/Facebook business grow!